Around the View


The phrase ‘trust the science’ was widely used in the height of the pandemic and I always had a problem with it. Science isn’t about trust, it’s about showing evidence, allowing scrutinization of that evidence and questioning it. Science can be explained, it provides evidence to refute all and any questions, it does not look down on questions as beneath it. There’s no trust involved, the scientific process is the very opposite of trust.

You should be allowed to ask as many question of science as you want, science should be available to refute and respond to any and all questions even the stupid ones, it should stand on evidence and admit when it doesn’t know.

Trust is for God, there’s no evidence for God. it’s why Christians use the words hope, faith and trust. Jesus chastised Thomas for doubting him when Thomas asked for evidence that he, the son of God had come back to life. A Scientist isn’t Jesus and science isn’t a religion.